Why use HH Design

Our Vision

The vision of HH Design is to empower local businesses to communicate powerfully on a global scale whilst ensuring the needs of their customers are clearly considered in the choice of design and functionality both online and offline.


Our Mission

Our mission is to gain insight into the real perspective of your customers so that every action we take in helping you market yourself develops real impact. The result being improved sales, and a dramatically enhanced experience for those who buy from you.

Our skill and creativity in designed communication, online and offline, will create a uniqueness that makes you truly stand out from your competition.

The service we provide will always be friendly, professional, planned and aimed to exceed expectation at every opportunity. Guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction will always be a standard service level.

Why use HH Design

Henry Laker

Marketing & Strategy

Over 25 years experience of helping clients communicate to their customers with creative, marketing led solutions that consistently get results.

Why use HH Design

Gary Williams

Web Designer

Passionate about creating beautifully designed, fully responsive websites, designed to work on all devices. Extremely friendly and helpful.

Why use HH Design

Diana Laker

Social Media Support

Helping our clients connect and engage with customers online with a focus on competitor analysis and building of followers and audiences.

Why use HH Design

Flo Woolgar Barrington

Creative Design & Illustration

A conceptual thinker, with 20 something years of creating pixel magic and pencil scribbles. She can adapt and combine both Graphic design and Illustration into virtually any type of media.

Why use HH Design

Tahir Bulbrook

Senior Programmer

Over 20 years experience of solving highly complex problems. From AWS to YAML Tahir knows a lot of acronyms. A truly outstanding programmer – if you can think it, the chances are he can do it.

Joanna Storer

Marketing Assistant

Joanna is a recent marketing graduate who is excited to have joined the Growth By Design team. She works in digital marketing and can often be found with her head buried in her computer scheduling social media posts! She spends her weekends walking her Westie, Rosie, socialising with friends and obsessively watching online makeup tutorials!

Why use HH Design

Claire Goldsmith

Associate Photographer

Claire has a creative flair and technical ability to adapt to all the challenges clients throw at her – no matter how diverse and is unable to sit still for a moment always seeking the best angle.

Why use HH Design

Clare Jones

Associate Video Specialist

Clare helps you to use the assets you already have in your existing customers and what they have to say about you in order to gain more customers. Video increases online conversion and Clare is the master!

Our Values

Creating Difference: Our work will help you stand out in a crowd and have a meaningful uniqueness to your clients.

Empathic: We view your business through the eyes of your customers…meaning we’ll help you connect and convert better.

Results focused: We provide real impact for you and your business, enhancing your results.

Motivated: You’ll find us just as excited, passionate and determined to see success for your business success as you are!

Go Beyond: As our client, you’ll find we don’t deliver to the brief, we deliver beyond it.

Considered: We always plan the outcome before choosing the path, meaning you’ll enjoy better and safer results.

Clarity & Communication: In your discussions with us and throughout our service, you’ll be informed and be able to connect with us.

Professionally Informal: Every member of our team will be friendly, approachable and willing to help you, EVERY TIME.

Do what we promise: Honesty and integrity reflected in all that we do.

Kaizen:  Whether it is the first or the hundredth time we are working for you, we’ll strive to make it your best experience yet.